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  1. 10 Things Service Businesses Can Sell Online
  2. How to Start Selling Your Coaching Products Online | Coach Blog
  3. Set achievable goals

Here are some examples of templates that service providers sell for add-on revenue streams: You can sell your expertise in the form of packaged training courses. Training platforms such as Udemy and Skillshare make it easy to sell training in anything from Six Sigma principles to information technology to marketing. Here are some examples:. Digital goods are another way to package up what you know or do best and sell it.

Digital goods could be anything from software to ebooks to designs. Any digital file when creatively packaged can be sold online.


10 Things Service Businesses Can Sell Online

Here are some types to consider:. He has taken it a step further, and offers free plugins as well as paid plugins that offer extra features. Free plugins are a superb marketing tool, while the paid plugins are revenue-generating products. You can reach many more potential students by making your coaching services available online, packaged up into minute, minute or minute increments.

Include an appointment booking application on your website so that students can schedule a session instantly, and a shopping cart to pay for the session. Then use a video service such as Skype or Google Hangouts to deliver the coaching session. A tiered approach works well — e. Students can aim for completing tiers sequentially, thus providing you with repeat business.

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Or provide regular monthly or biweekly coaching. An example is Rainmaker Skype-based sales coaching. Assessments start with questionnaires and involve customized evaluations. While short initial assessments are often given free by service providers as part of their marketing, you can structure it so that more in-depth assessments come with a price tag.

In that case, the assessment becomes a product offering, not a marketing technique. Just carefully outline what is included and not included in the assessment, and set a flat price for it. Here are a few ideas to try:. A fun way to generate excitement and sales is to launch a contest, like: You can host this on Facebook or take all submissions through your website or ecommerce platform and promote on social media and via email marketing.

How to Start Selling Your Coaching Products Online | Coach Blog

Use your existing database to tease the new product offering to the people who would care about it the most: Offer a sample of the product if possible, and consider creating a pre-launch sign up page for people to get an email when the product is ready. Create a drip campaign—you can do this with most email and ecommerce platforms—that automatically delivers a series of emails to anyone who purchases your product.

This allows you to upsell them on your services and other products, and stay top of mind.

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The rise of video on social allows you to engage with your audience while promoting your new product. Download the video and post to your Instagram and YouTube channel as well. Find influencers who may want to try it for free in exchange for a link and review.

Selling coaching products online makes it easy to supplement your business during slow times of the year. If it goes well, your online product line may even become your most lucrative sales-driver. Please log in to leave a comment. Noomii is the web's largest directory of life coaches and business coaches. How to find good product suppliers and avoid getting scammed by bogus drop shipping companies. How to run your online business at maximum efficiency and avoid making common mistakes even seasoned sellers make.

Set achievable goals

Use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to inform people about the items you are selling online. How to drive traffic off eBay into your own website without breaking eBay policy. How to build a list of customers to create repeat purchases using Aweber.

High Ticket Coaching - How to Sell with Online Sales Funnels

How to build an eBay store the right way. How to build listings properly that will convert for higher bids and sales. How to profit from writing articles about things you are passionate about. How to avoid taking trips to the Post Office for shipping. How to buy local and sell to the world. Yes, selling internationally is a smart thing to do How to avoid all of the unnecessary out of pocket expenses involved in your business.

How to avoid getting negative feedback and maintaining high detailed seller ratings on eBay. How to become a PowerSeller on eBay in 90 days.

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