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The African response to racial laws. Arts africains et monde moderne. Photos de Roland d'Ursel et Gus Poncin. Proceedings of the 1st Pan- African Congress held in Nairobi during Pau I me, D.

Zimbabwe – Amandla

La femme africaine au travail. Groupements ethniques et civilisations noires d'Afrique. Timbales et longues trompettes. The significance of African art. London, Royal Anthropological Institute, London, Edinburgh House press, Sistemi monetari afri- cani al lume dell'economia primitiva. Napoli, Rivista di etnografia, Vil 1er mont, S. Magie et sorcellerie africaines L'Afrique vous parle, 1.

Organization of research in Africa. La maison et le village dans quelques tribus de l'anti- Atlas A paru aussi dans: Aspects de la vie sociale en Petite Kabylie. Paris, Etudes sociales Nord-Africaines, Cahiers Nord- Africains, Islamic law and customary law in French North Africa. Cahiers de l'Afrique et l'Asie, 2.

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La danse des cheveux. Etude sur les poteries de Sless. Exemple de travail d'artisans dans les tribus marocaines. Influence de la bijouterie soudanaise sur la bijouterie marocaine. Contient aussi le texte arabe. Agrarisch recht in Algerije. Les Ait Khebbache de Taouz Maroc sud-oriental. Le mariage chez les Ait Ayyach. Au sujet du port du voile chez les Touareg et les Teda. Tuareg nomadism in the modern world. Noti- cias y comentarios. Les Kounta du Sud-Marocain. La Tunisie, essai de monographie Des conditions de vie dans le Sahara tunisien.

Cahiers Charles de Foucauld, 18 Paris, A requisitioning order for taxes in kind. II contributo delle antiche fonti sulla religione dei Latuca, Obbo, Bari, Beri, Denca, Neer e altre popolazione con documentazione inedita. Annali later anensi, II carro del sogno London, International African Institute, Race-relations in ancien Egypt: Greek, Egyptian, Hebrew, Roman.

New- York, Philosophical library,. Usi e costumi somali. Trad, de Charles Mathieu. La religion des Egyptiens. Ho we M, P. Notes on the Ngork Dinka of western Kordofan. Sudan notes and records, The laws of homicide and the legal functions of the Reth. Some coptic documents dealing with the poll- tax. Notations conventionnelles se rencontrant sur ,cer- tains poids arabes en verre.

Ko h 1er, O. Zur Frage der Galla- wanderungen im nilotischen Sudan. Die Takruri im Ostsu- dan. Berlin, , Bibliogr. Surgical aspects of female circumcision in Somaliland. A note on - the institution of the ruic. Sur quelques tendances religieuses: Bulletin de l'Institut d'Egypte, The religion of ancient Egypt. M ill ward, G. The birth of a dhow. Sudan notes et records,' From infancy to marriage. London, Mac- millan, Decorated pipes of the Fung kingdom, P. Irrigation works and canals in the Arsinoite nome. Limeage formation among the Luo.

London, New- York, Toronto ; Publ. I Baria e i Cunama e il problema del loro matriarcato. The burden of' Egypt Chicago, Univ. Estudio cuantitativo de la exogamia de los Pamues Fang de la Guinea continental espafiola. Fontainebleau et Dakar, Gensul, Folk-tales from Yoru- baland [translated into blank. Social status, wealth and individual differences among the Yoruba. En mission au Sahara occidental. Instruments de musique des rois de Nikki, au Dahomey. Aspects actuels du mariage dans le Sud-Cameroun. The trade cattle of Northern Nigeria. Le dieungue ou anneau de cheville d'esclave.

La nomadisation en Mauritanie. Un type d'habitat au Bas-Dahomey. The Sudanese camel girth in double weave. Sudan notes and records, v. Essai sur la religion bambara. The social evolution of a hamlet and of a village in Liberia, with notes on some 'artificial' settlements.

Roma, Societa Italiana di Sociologia, 18 p. Some tribal gods of Southern - Nigeria. Published bythe Author, Iron working with a sotne hammer among the Tula of Northern Nigeria. The house of a merchant in Kofarmata Street, Kano. Revue de l'histoire des religions, Paris, Larose, , p. Art et symbole en Afrique noire. Paris, Hermann et Cie, []. L'industrie du fer dans la subdivision de Babimbi. Krobo marriage eus-' toms Gold Coast.

The Sobo of the Niger Delta: A work dealing with the history and languages of the people inhabiting the Sobo Urhobo Division, Warri Province, Southern Nigeria, and the geography of their land. Some notes on the Bikom blacksmiths. Coutumes d'autrefois en Mauritanie. A propos de petites poteries: The Mende of Sierra Leone: A West African people in transition. London, Kegan Paul, Tribes of the Northern' territories of the Gold Coast. Ethnographic survey of Africa. Akan traditions of origin. A Yoruba household altar. La cryptographie chez les Maures: Notes sur quelques alphabets secrets du Hodh.

Witchcraft in four African societies: La religion en Afrique occidentale Trad, de Jacques Marty. Usos y cos- tumbres de los Pamues. Land tenure in native customary law of the Protectorate of the Northern Territories of the Gold Coast. Leyendas y mitos de Guinea. La circoncision chez les Ouolof. Notes sur le mariage au Dahomey. The deeds of Bokari [Temne. Une sortie de iyawo dans un village nago au Dahomey. The Egyptian origin of a ramheaded breastplate from Lagos. Wester man n, D. Memorial service for an ox in Karamoja. Village competitions in the Eastern Provinces of Uganda. Some African royal burials and coronations in western Tanganyika.

Bell-oxen and ox- names among the Jie. A report compiled for the Government of Kenya. Communications from the School of African studies, Native affairs Department, Stories of the Wangindo. Tanganyika notes and records, The tradition of the coming of the Abalisa clan to Buhwezu, Ankole.

Notes on the daily life of the Nyakyusa Tanganyika Territory. Gusii bride wealth law and custom. Cape Town, Oxford Univ. Press for Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, , 67 p. With an introduction by A. Bridewealth limitation among the Gusii. Wahrsagerei bei den Bahaya Tanganyika. How the Wadoe got their name. Relational patterns of' Kampala, Uganda. Ergebnisse der Matengo- Expedition Notes taken in the Machakos District of Kenya Colony.

The age-set system of the pastoral Pokot mechanism, function and post-sapana ceremonies. The Wandorobo and the honey guide. Some characteristics of an East African European population. British journal of sociology, 2. Some Southern Province trees with their African names and uses. An unusual place and form of burial [Kibondo].

Les Arts au Congo belge et au Ruanda-Urundi Bruxelles, Centre d'information et de documentation du Congo belge et du Ruanda-Urundi, []. Approche sociologique des ' Brazzavilles Noires': Sciences de l'homme, ethnographie, 1. Quelques aspects psychologiques de l'organisation sociale nkutshu. Akpwe 'Linga' de Bam- bari Oubangui. Bulletin d'information et de documentation, La circoncision chez les Ngombs. Etude des coutumes des Wanande en territoire de Lubero. Oxford, Clarendon press, []. Section des Sciences morales et politiques. Une histoire de sorcier.

Danseurs du Ruanda- Roeanda dansers Les couleurs et les dessins au Ruanda. Les arts populaires du Congo belge. Le mariage coutumier chez les Bayombe. La polygamie en chef- ferie Wamuzimu. Trad, de l'allemand par Henri Plard Section des sciences mo-. Zur Oekologie menschlicher Lebensf uhrung in den afrikanischen Tropen. Etude sur la race bas- soundi. Catalogue de la flore de l'Oubangui-Chari. Indication des noms vernaculaires. Section des sciences morales et politiques. Les principales cultures du Congo belge. Van Everbroech, le P. Religie en magie onder de Basakata.

De ceno of wraak- geest bij de Alur. Het offer van Itota: In de greep van Kongo's geheime machten. L'organisation politique des Bahunde [suite]. Revue coloniale belge, 7. Les institutions, la religion et l'art des Ba Buye: Bordeaux, [G, R. Afrique et Asie, History in a changing society [Fort Jameson Ngoni]. Marriage in a changing society: A study in structural change among the Fort Jameson Ngoni. London, Oxford University Press, Die aard en ont- staansoorsake van tsotsi-bendes soos gevind in die stedelike gebied van Pretoria.

Journal of racial affairs,. Indian life and labour in Natal. A Survey conducted under the direction of Prof. New Africa pamphlet, Usos e costumes dos povos de Ambaca. Os 'Va-kwa-n- kala' do Alto Cunene. Bushmen hunters of the Barotse forests. Residence and village stability among the Plateau Tonga. Human problems in British Central Africa, Village crafts in Barot- seland. The Banut tribes of South Africa.

Reproductions of photographie studies: Ester man n, C. Clans et alliances entre clans dans le sud-ouest de l'Angola. Aspectos da vida indi- gena, material, espiritual e social, e historia do actual sobado 'Bula' no posto do Mulondo Alto Cunene. Ecrit sur le sable [dessins des Chokwe]. The founders of the Zimbabwe civilization. Zeitschrift fur Ethnologie, The Rhodes-Livingstone Museum, Monografia original sobre o povo Ajawa. The kinship basis of Cewa social structure.

Narro and his clan [Bushman]. The Peoples of South Africa: Pretoria, State Information Office. Native tribes of the Eastern provinces of Northern Rhodesia Neue Forschungen uber das Reich Monomotapa. Separata de Boletim da Sociedade de geografia de Lisboa, julho- agosto O penhor do casa- mento.

Sllva junior, F, P. Die intelligence van de Bantoeneger. Beads as regulating the social life of the Zulu and Swazi. Notes on the Kaokoveld South- West Africa and its people. Tendresse malgache [entre parents et enfants]. Un peu d'histoire, quelques proverbes. The state concept of Imerina, compared with the theories found in certain Scandinavian and Chinese texts. A theory of the function of witches and of their organization based on observations of an existing cult.

Pirogues et navigation chez les Vezo du Sud-Ouest de Madagascar. Y a-t-il un bouddhisme malgache? Le langage et les langues La linguistique ou science du langage. Eadoli the ox [Bantu legends]. Dam man n, E. Das Demonstrate in Bantu-Sprachen. Toponymie et anthro- ponymie de l'Afrique noire. Neue Zeitschrift fur Missions wissenschaft. Althamito- semitischenominale Genusexponen- ten in heutigen Hamitenspra- chen.

Maize names and history: Die Trommel- und Pfeifsprache. Verbalbau und Verbal- flexion in den Semitohamitischen Sprachen. Zeitschrift der deutschen morgenlandischen Gesellschaft, Taalstudie op de Ban- toetaalgrens, Juni Jan. African linguistic classification [review of Green- berg's. Transcription, traduction, notes et lexique. Rabat, les Editions de la Porte, Die Nisbe-Formationen im Berberischen.

Quelques aspects de l'apport linguistique du grec au latin d'Egypte. Rudiments of Nuer grammar. London, Sheldon Press, , 31 p. Der aethiopische Text der Kirchenordnung des Hippolyt. Abhandlungen der Akademie der Wissenschaften. Jochir sigendini magadiera People who have lived brave lives. Annali dell' Universita orientale,. Swahili borrowings from English. Popular verse of the Swahili tradition.

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The labio-velars in the Ethiopian languages. Der Ursprung der sogennanten emphatischen Kon- jugation. Wan baraneya akriska Somalida: Akwakwo ogaga nke abo Reader 1 for infants class 2 ; Akwakwo ogag9 nks ato Reader 2 for standard I. A study of quantity in Hausa. Tappi, Mid-Liberia Mission Press, Madrid, Instituto de Estu- dios Africanos, The alphabet of Njoya. Jsnsse Passages from Genesis and other parts of the Bible in bassa. La bo u ret, H. Toponymie et histoire maure. Questionnaire sur les noms individuels en particulier en Afrique occidentale.

Das Nomen im Tiv. Mbombe Testament [New Testament]. Te i xe ira da. Toponimos de origem portuguesa na costa ocidental de Africa. Noobil' sabliga gorim mini salma Ssr,a [Reader]. La Sainte Bible en fang. Wumbee mini o yhj- mina: Malgu naa n-sabi li [Reader I]. Madrid, Institute de Estudios Africanos, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Les Presses missionnaires, Zur Trommelsprache der Duala. Tonal analysis of West. Das kanarische Ber- berisch in seinem sprachgeschi- chtlichen Milieu.

Kamincuria metho [Reading primer]. Isezerano Risha na Zaburi. Le Nouveau Testament et les Psaumes en rundi.

Category: Zimbabwe

London, Lutter- worth Press, Ifyo Bamwene mu Nkondo, Mulenga Mulunda in the army. Lai g ht, I. Ekitabu I Reader 1. Kampala, Uganda Bookshop ; London, Longmans ; Kiria gitumaga ngatunyi iruuma [Why the lion roars]. Bosi basoma [Reading primer]. Emitwarize ya wakami Traditional stories of the Ankole. Kitabutab bik che ng'ololi Nandi: Kitabo kya ngero za Luganda London, Mac millan Ebyafaayo by cEnda- gaano ya A treasury of East African history. The spelling of place names in the Sudan. Asanza nga ga dungu aringara [Reader I].

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Over de tonologie van het Kikongo. Go quilhat villa, Vicariat Apostolique, Manuscrit kanouri avec traduction. Umsrisse einer ostsaha- ranischen Sprachgruppe. Tooncontractie in het Ciluba Kasayi. Das Problem der Pygmsensprache. Het intreden van het kind bij de Baamilembwe. Texte mabale et traduction anglaise. Aanvullingen bij een tonologische studie.

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Human problems in British central. Zaka 60 [based on the Nyasaland jubilee broadcasts]. Eto Madagasikara, nosy malalantsika, nadikan'i M. Ra- jaonarivelo sy M. Norsk tidsskrift for sprog- videnskap, Manuel de con- ""' versation franco-malgache. Publications de l'Institut des Hautes Etudes marocaines, Les ports de l'empire de Maroc. Histoire de l'Afrique du Nord: Rabat, Office marocain de tourisme, Extraits des Voyages en Afrique Paris, , Larose, Rivista di studi polit, inter. Islam d'hier et d'aujourd'hui.

Bibliographie africaniste

Some notes on West Nile hills and history. An historical sketch of Egba traditional authorities. La France et les. Its place in the pages of history. Deux lettres du temps de la pacification Mauritanie. La civilisation de Ghana. Le Bedenda, formation du Lamidat de Bibemi. Sao Jorge d'El Mina: Premier West African European Settlement: Its tradition and customs. British relations with the Gold Coast, A history of Kilwa. Kaze m be, M. Ifikolwe fyandi na bantu bandi My ancestors and my people. An early history of Mombasa and Tanga Tr. The early history of Indians in Natal.

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The proposed sampling census in the Sudan. AIs deutscher Artz unter schwarzen Medizin- mannern. Sur les chemins de. La chasse chez les Touaregs. Historical geography of the British colonies. Washington, National Education Association, La question de l'ethnique 'Gourounsi' en Haute-Volta A. Paris, Ber- ger-Levrault, La population africaine au Cameroun. Equipements et chantiers, 1. The age grouping of the African population of East Africa as recorded in the census. Kenya ou la fugue africaine. Paris, Berger-Le- vrault, Lessons of East African census.

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Public libraries in the colonies.

London, Library Association, Nationale de France, The French Union political and legal surveys , [suite]. Central Office of Information. Nations Unies — Enquiries into household standards of living in less-developed areas Ecole nationale de- la France d'Outre-Mer. Documentation scolaire, notice Political and legal surveys — Chroniques politiques et juridiques [of countries where different civilizations meet], [suite]. Stalinskaya teoriya kolonyalnoi revolutsii i natsionalno- osvoboditelnoye dvizheniye v tro- picheskoi i yuzhnoi Afrike.

Afrika in de wereldeconomie. Foire internationale de Gand How shall we help? Methodist Central School Nigeria , Beckenried, Neue Zeit- schrift fur Missionswissenschaft, Portuguese oversea territories in Africa Political and legal surveys. In this issue, you will find a special focus on Namibia. How does a picture act? City studies require multifaceted and collaborative approaches to address the Intellectuels, artistes, architectes prendront la parole pour Monday, 17 August, — Towards an interdisciplinary framework for southern African Please note that from now this website will not be updated anymore.

Please visit our website: Wits University The paper Xenophobia among post-apartheid urban youth: The Wits Anthropology Seminar Series is pleased to present: Tuesday 10 March , East African Islam and the emergence of print in the early 20th century. Mozambique Elections of 15 October: Academic Freedom in South Africa: A public discussion of two books Thursday, 25 September, — The Foundation Maison des Rising to the Challenges of Comprehension, But each sheet of paper tells a story in These fellowships will support three to six In this issue, a special focus on archaeology.

Updates on research and publications from IFAS are also available as well as the presentation of programmes, Prof Serge Salat President: Authoritarian spaces as unjust spaces? Based on my PhD thesis, this seminar La question agraire en Afrique du Sud: The Politics of Xenophobic Exclusion: De nouvelles formes spatiales chinoises en Afrique Une analyse December 11th One or two doctoral or post-doctoral research position are vacant at the French Institute of South Africa. Carolina Milhorance de Castro: Her research focuses on the Brazil-Africa and Trilateral Co-operation WiSER is an interdisciplinary humanities research institute at Wits with a strong international profile.

It was created twelve years ago to do cutting-edge research,